Volunteer with Vancoufur

Vancoufur is an entirely volunteer organization and we are always in need of dedicated furs who want to help Vancoufur be the best it can be! Be it helping attendees figure out where to go or how to navigate, to working behind the stage or helping set up panel rooms, to registering attendees or answering questions on social media, there’s something for everyone! Its also okay if you don’t know what you want to do yet, we can help you find a place to get started and grow from there.

Volunteering is also a great way to meet other local furs in the community while also contributing to great causes like raising money for charity and getting to see behind the scenes of the events that bring our community together.

We could not run the events we do without our amazing volunteers!

If you can spare some time and whatever talents you have to help Vancoufur happen we are eager to meet you! Just fill out the volunteer form by clicking the button below and we will get in touch with you! Also, consider joining our discord so you can keep in touch. Have questions? Ask them on our discord, or email volunteers@vancoufur.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you get anything for volunteering?

In addition to meeting new friends, and learning new skills and seeing how events run, Vancoufur volunteers earn hours which can currently be used towards a free admission for the following year. A minimum of 12 hours of volunteer work is required for an admission to 2022 at present.

Q. I signed up, but I haven’t heard back from you guys in a while? What’s going on?

The most common issue is that somehow our emails or communications are not reaching you. We have had issues in the past with emails coming from vancoufur.org ending up in spam, so please check your spam mail. Also be sure your contact information is accurate. We often email or message people and simply don’t hear back. A good thing to do to be proactive is to go into our Discord server and speak with a moderator or volunteer to connect you with our HR person there, or you can email our HR person directly at volunteers@vancoufur.org.