DJ applications

Welcome to this year’s DJ submissions for Vancoufur 2023

So you’re planning on joining us at this year’s in person Vancoufur: Beyond Furmaggeddon and are ready to get the dance floor moving? Well you have come to the right place. Vancoufur is looking for talented DJs to take the stage and help make our dances really bump this year. Make sure you read and are able to follow our COVID policy before you submit. We will be announcing the dance schedule on November 28th,  2022.

You will need to put together and record a 20 minute minimum demo mix for us. Your mix helps us decide if you are up to the task and when in the night you best fit with the other DJs. You then have to upload your mix to your favorite music website and keep it there for the duration of this application. Once you have done that you can fill out this form and submit your info along with your killer mix.

Your application needs to be submitted by no later then November 1st so we have time to listen to them all and put together this years lineup.

How to Apply

DJ Block

The popularity of last years event is really shown with just how fast the room block sold out after it was announced. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a room this year, great. If you were unable to secure a room or a space in someone else room fear not. Once you are selected, we have a select number of rooms available to our DJs in the room block at our discounted rate.
If you are selected and need a room we will send you the contact information of the people in charge to get you into this years room block at the main hotel. Details will follow once you have been confirmed. If you have any restrictions on what night you can play or a time please give the details in the comments section at the bottom of this form. We ask for your twitter handle so that we can promote your name and upcoming DJ slot on our social media. we will need your telegram handle so we can add you to the DJ chat group and be able to coordinate during the event. There is listed DJ gear on the form if you request it as well as room for you to plug in whatever gear you would like to play off of. Just let us know what you intend to use for your set.

If you have any questions email our DJ coordinator at or join our discord or telegram for assistance.