Welcome to this year’s DJ submissions for Vancoufur 2021 EvfurQuest Online: Beta

Last year we where so lucky to be able to host our event live and in person at our fantastic new hotel. Unfortunately, this year due to the restrictions in place because of Covid-19 we are forced to move our event to an online platform. The dance is always one of the biggest attractions at the convention so it is up to us to to be creative in what we do to bring as much excitement to our online show.

We have two nights of dances this year and they will be Saturday (March 6, 2021) and Sunday (March 7, 2021 night. There will be no on site streaming of any kind so it will be up to you to put together a great show from home and be able to stream it in to us. We suggest using a program like OBS and using it to be as creative as possible in your stream. It is a free service and works great so if you download it and work on your setup before you send in your dj submissions then we can see a bit of what you are planning to do.

Events moving toward online entertainment really has changed the game. You can no longer show up with just a USB and plug in and go. It is up to you to set up and put on the show. When picking our DJs heavy preference is given to those that can prove their streaming capabilities and the type of show you plan on putting on. So let’s see what you got!


To apply you need to get the submission form filled out and sent in by the closing date of February 14th with the announcement date of Feb 21, 2021 as to who was chosen. You can send in a submission with a link to just an audio file but remember that preference will be given to those that can prove there streaming capabilities. So a link to one of your posted streams is the easiest. A link to a twitch stream you have done or a YouTube link to something you have posted works great. We understand that on these platforms some of the songs you play might get muted in the recordings but we will overlook that and focus on your show. Send us in a show that is as entertaining as possible and at least 1 hour long.

Dance times will be between 8pm and 2am PST both Saturday and Sunday. We will do our best to plan your slots based on locations and requirements.

We all look forward to see what you can come up with. Let’s get those creative juices flowing and put on a great show. More details will follow after the selection process.

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Submission due date: February 14th 2021