These are commonly asked questions from parents who may have children who want to attend our convention. Please be sure to read through the FAQ to see if this answers your questions. If your question is not answered, do feel free to contact us through our Contact Us form.If your child is 11 years or under:Because of the Covid-19 situation, and children under 12 being ineligible for vaccines, we urge you out of an abundance of caution to consider having your children under 12 stay home as they can still catch and transmit the virus.

Children 11 years or younger will still have to adhere to safety guidelines at the time of the event as much as possible.

  • Children age 12 and under are *free* to attend (basic admission), with a paid adult pass for the parent. 12 year olds must have had their 2nd vaccination at least 14 days prior to the start date of the event.
  • To register your child under 12, you must make an account for each child you want to register into our system. You can use the same email address.
  • Pay in full for the adult membership via paypal or credit card, and add any additional items (tshirts, escape room tickets) on the adult membership.
  • If you wish to get your child ‘patron’ or ‘sponsor’ level tiers and goodies, you must pay for them under the parent account.
  • Register each child as a separate account
  • When you arrive at the registration desk, you will be given a ‘Kit in tow’ badge for them, and they will be attached to the adult account.
  • Note: Parents attending with infants and minors 12 or under cannot  bring their children into restricted event spaces marked as adult or 18+.

If your child is 12-15 years old:

  • Children 12+ must have had their second vaccination at least 14 days prior to the start of the event.
  • Minors aged 13 and up require a full paid membership. Minors 13-15 may attend without adult supervision as soon as they have acquired a valid membership badge.
  • To register, create a new account for each minor you wish to register in our registration system.
  • Select a registration level for the minor.
  • Add anything additional you want to purchase onto the registration and proceed to payment.
  • A parent or legal guardian must be present to register (or pickup a preregistration) and sign the AUP for a minor aged 13-15. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you are sending your child with another parent, or you are bringing a child from another family, you must have a Parent To Guardian Consent form filled out from the non-attending parent.
  • We recommend that minors who will be roaming unsupervised have a plan in place with their parents, and a cellphone or contact number, so they can stay in contact with parents and know where to meet up.

If your child is 16-18

  • Minors ages 16-18 do not require parental consent to register for membership and attend Vancoufur.
  • Minor is registered as a normal attendee. A separate account should be made for each person with appropriate registration level selected.

Programming FAQ for parents

Is there youth programming?

Yes! We have many events and panels suitable for youths, and include everything from youth and parent meetups,  to creative workshops, tournaments, and even shows. There is different content everyday, so please check our events page for the schedule when it goes live. If you are a parent who would like to help with programming for youths, please consider volunteering!

Can my child attend events alone?

Minors aged 13+ may attend without parental supervision. Children 12 and under are free to attend, but must be accompanied by an adult with a paid membership.