We’ve got a ton of content and events in store for you all from March 6-7!

If you have a question about panels or schedule or anything event related, please email to speak with our Event lead so they can help you out.

How do I access events?

You will need to go to the areas they are being held. For main events, and panels we have twitch streams here:
Twitch Stream – Main Stage   | Twitch Stream – Secondary Stage

For meetups and socials they are happening on our DISCORD.

We also have Minecraft and VR chat. Both require you are registered. Join the discord server for more information of how to access our worlds and servers.

Charity Events

Please help us raise money for our charity by participating in our charity events!

Charity Overwatch TournamentSign up here

Charity Pubquiz Debaucle – Sign up here

Charity Minecraft Building Competition

Silent Auction

Charity Writing Competition