Volunteering – Marketing & Communications

This area are departments that help to either grow the convention’s reputation and advertise its programming and offerings, facilitiate communication between external parties and internal departments, or manage creative work being done for the convention in terms of art, product design, and theming.

Departments under this area include:

  • Marketing Team (In person & Digital)
  • Illustration Team
  • Design Team
  • Social Media Team
  • Promo Video Team
  • Website Team
  • Guest Relations Team
  • Theme Team


This department is responsible for promoting the convention through paid or free advertising in online spaces such as events listings, booth exchanges with other conventions (Online or RL), paid advertising on social networks, and watching our SEO and looking for other marketing opportunities. This team is also responsible for writing copy for the website and doing blog posts and news letter. Positions include Marketing Lead, Marketing team, Newsletter lead, Web writer


This is often called ‘the art team’. These are the artists who provide art assets for everything the con needs, from social media posting, to badge art, to icons, merch and more. Artists who wish to volunteer for this department must submit a portfolio so we can see your skill level and style. Positions include: Art director, Illustrator. Artists on this team get a free 1/4pg ad in the con book and earn volunteer hours.


This area is responsible for graphic design projects such as ads, conbook, social graphics, templates, vectorizing art, and more. Designers who wish to volunteer for this department must submit a portfolio of design work so we can see how best to place you. Positions include: Publications lead, Graphic Designer

Social Media

This group is responsible for monitoring, communicating, and advertising on various social media platforms. Social media members must liason between design and Illustration to get graphics for social media posts. Social media managers may also be asked to come up with contests or campaigns to help promote various departments, initiatives or events as the convention requires. Social media also keeps their finger on the pulse and reports to departments or connects department leads with external inquiries. This is a high time demand, high activity team. Positions include: Social Media Lead, Social Media assistants (assigned to specific platforms)

Promo Video Team

This team is responsible for producing video content for use in social media, opening ceremonies, theme or general promotion. These members may also be asked to help with editing/posting con video after convention to platforms like Youtube. Team members need to have some experience in video production in some way. Positions include: Promo Video Team Lead, Promo Video assistant

Website Team

This team is responsible for skinning, keeping up to date, troubleshooting, managing members, and adding features to the website. There is cross over here with the IT team team and the webteam is expected to work very closely (or cross over) with IT. Web programming, web design experience an asset. Positions include: Web Team Lead, Web Team designer, Web team IT Liaison

Guest Relations Team

This department is responsible being a liaison for the guest of honor and community spotlight and ensuring our guests are taken care of both before and at con. They will arrange hotel accommodations, guest panels, appearances, and ensure the guest has a schedule that works for them. At con they will be their point of contact for anything they need. Positions include – Guest of Honor Guest Relations, Community Spotlight Guest Relations

Theme Team

Our theme department is responsible for bringing to life our theme of the year through decoration, writing, and more. This highly creative department requires people with a variety of skills. Positions include: Theme Writing Team Lead, Theme writing Team assistant, Theme building Team Lead, Theme building team second, Theme team Prop builder, Theme team set builder