Volunteering – Business

These are departments that have something to do with financial intake in some way. The departments under this area include:

  • Registration
  • Vendors
  • Charity
  • Constore


Volunteers in registration are responsible for helping attendees get registered. Pre-con they respond to emails, help troubleshoot issues attendees have with online registration and payment, as well as respond to questions and inquiries. They also communicate with other departments regarding registration numbers, attendees with fulfillable benefits, etc. At con they handle physical registration, payments, and fulfilment of registration rewards. Specific roles include: Registration Lead, Registration Second, Registration cashier, Registration Staff.


This area is responsible for coordinating and operating the Dealer’s Den & Artist Alley. This includes setting up applications, arranging a selection committee (for DD only), reviewing and updating the Dealer Den and Artist Alley information/Rules for the website, answering questions, concerns, or issues arising from dealers before and after selection, ensuring payment from vendors is collected either before (for dealers) or at con (For artist alley). Vendors is also responsible for looking after dealers at con and providing them with water, relief for breaks, reporting security issues to rangers, and ensuring the vendors get food order forms and wi-fi, if available.  Positions in this area include: Vendor Lead, Vendor second, Dealer’s Den assistant, Artist Alley Lead, Artist Alley assistant.


The charity department is responsible for liasoning with our charity and facilitating our fundraising efforts. This includes: determining fundraising/charity activities, panels, or opportunities during con, collecting donations & Items for the Charity auction, photographic and listing charity items (including theme props/decor) for auction (silent or atcon depending). Coordinating with the charity for panels or table for the charity itself to be present at the convention or provide content. Positions in this area include: Charity Lead, Charity assistants (at con and precon), Charity social media assistant.


The constore is responsible for selling and having made merchandise that will help the con raise money through the sale of the items in question. They also sell remainder stock for previous years. Constore works with the art and design teams in order to create awesome merch for our attendees. Responsibilities includes reviewing previous years sales, determining productslines for the following years, choosing best vendors and prices for ordering, collecting data from pre-purchase (reg or otherwise) for orders, working with art team to get product art, ordering and receiving product, providing pre-orders to reg at bagstuffing, selling product at Constore at con, and shipping product ordered from online con store. Positions in this area include: Constore Lead, Constore Second, Constore Cashier, Constore assistant.