Volunteering – Art Team

The art team is responsible for creating illustrative assets for Vancoufur’s theme through many different projects like badge inserts, social media ads, streaming graphics, and much more. They set the tone for the look and feel of Vancoufur’s visual identity through the year.

Artists who apply must be able to and willing to complete whatever projects they take on. There are also critiques and reviews and artists should be ready and able to improve and revise works accordingly.

Artists can apply to the art team through a portfolio review. The Art Director will review your portfolio and decide if you are good fit for the team. They will be in touch with you after reviewing your work.

When submitting your portfolio be sure to submit your newest and best works created by you. AI created work is not permitted, artists must produce the work they submit. When you have your work selected, please fill out the portfolio

Art Team Portfolio Submission application