Volunteering – Administration

This department handles a lot of official recordkeeping as well as communications with volunteers and making sure they are given the correct digital tools to do their job. They also manage volunteers and financial duties for the con.

Departments under this area include

  • Admin
  • HR/Volunteers
  • Accounting


Admin is responsible for general inquiries, making sure that records are being kept properly, ensuring that permissions are removed or reset for year rollover, overseeing that official procedures and processes are being followed and generally overseeing the updating of admin documents.


HR/Volunteers is responsible for the hiring process for volunteers, ensuring that volunteer applications are processed in a timely manner, communicating with potential volunteers to determine placement, communicating with department leads for their needs and placing those volunteers in the departments they need to be in. HR is responsible also for the ‘onboarding’ process of ensuring a volunteer is admitted to all places digitally or physically they need to be to do their jobs and keeping records of all volunteers placed in what positions. HR also deals confidentially with volunteer complaints regarding either other volunteer’s conduct or issues with leadership. HR also helps update job description documentation and job responsibilities from year to year.


Accounting deals with the budget for the convention and oversees expenditures vs budget allocation, looks after refund or reimbursement requests before con with the BCAEA treasurer. At con they are responsible for end of day money counts, deposits, keys and ensuring all the finally accounting is done after the con is complete for submission to the BCAEA.