Volunteer Team Assistants

Job Name: Volunteer Team Assistant

Department: Admin

When: At- Con Job

Time Required: Shifts Hourly at Con, hours available morning, afternoon, evening (fri/sat only) (Typical shift is 2-4 hours, but volunteers may choose to do more or less depending on capability)

Physical Requirement: Low - Sitting Job

Reports to: Volunteer Team Lead

Experience required: None


Volunteer Team assistants help the Core HR team by signing up new volunteers and recording volunteer hours from volunteers or team leads. They are stationed in Operations, and may sit for their shift. They will be sure that Volunteers are recorded for signing up and when a volunteer receives their rewards, staff shirt, staff badge, or other items that they are due to do their job. They should have relatively good people skills, be organized and be able to write legibly and follow directions. Some computer savvy is a plus.