Please note: registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Have a question about Registration? Email

Some people have gotten an email notice about a $45 preregistration fee for 2021. If you got one of these notices, you pre-registered at VF2020 at the end of the con. please email for your options of what to do with your reg.


Free for all G/PG content & spaces*

You get:
– Access to G/PG digital spaces*
– Digital Conbook
-Digital Badge
– Themed Wallpaper
– Beta-Tester role on discord server*

– Adventurer role on discord server*
(+18 content Add-on available
$5 CAD)


$15 CAD
Support the convention and get some sweet digital swag

You get:
– Access to G/PG digital spaces*
– Digital Conbook
– Themed Wallpaper
– Digital Map of Evfurquest world
– Pack of themed digital stickers/icons

– Digital Badge
– Beta-Tester role on discord server
-Hero role on discord server
(+18 content Add-on available
$5 CAD)


$350 CAD

Become a legend and gain a place in Evfurquest lore as nobility!
Only 10 available!

You get:
– Access to G/PG digital spaces*
– All digital rewards
-Custom nobility title (your choice!), Legend, & Beta-Tester role on discord server

– Physical ‘Patents of Nobility’ for the noble title of your choice* (*from available titles) to become canon in the Evfurquest world lore.
– Recognition by title and name at opening and closing ceremonies for 2021 AND 2022
– Early access registration for VF2022*(+18 content Add-on available
$5 CAD)

More details below on registration levels and perks. 18+ access is by optional add-on and is not included in registration by default.

By choosing a sponsor or super sponsor registration you are helping to support VancouFur through this year and help ensure that we can continue to run for years to come. Running a digital event is not free, as there are still expenses such as software & licensing fees, storage fees, hosting fees, and other costs associated with the physical event that go on through the year.

Why an 18+ add on?

In order to make sure that the 18+ content is still available for those who want it, but also to prevent casual access by underage attendees, we have decided to charge a small fee for those who want and are of age to access to 18+ spaces. This helps us manage the demand, helps support the convention financially, and prevents any accidental access from someone who may not wish to be exposed to 18+ content. Only those with the 18+ add-on will be given access to those spaces once it has been verified by registration staff. By selecting the add on and paying a small fee you are certifying you are 18+, and want to view adult content.

Charity Donations

VancouFur appreciates the generosity of our community. A charity donation can be added to your registration and will go directly to our 2021 Charity.

2021 Early Bird Registrations

If you purchased an early bird registration for 2021 at Vancoufur 2020, please email for your options to roll over, donate, or refund your early bird registration.