Faces of Neon City

There are many people in a place like Neon City, but some glitter more brightly than others. Here are some of the characters featuring in the story and lore of Neon city that you may want to know about.


Username: V.O.G. (Voice of God)
Species:  Otter
Gender: Non-Binary
Role: Hacker/Net Expert
Voice Actor: Zanwolf
VOG is a curious and easy going otter, that's a real genius when it comes to computers. Originally they got into hacking through their love of obscure media and digging it up where ever the data lies. Now they use his skills for fun and profit doing Running on the side. VOG is generally good hearted, but is somewhat morally flexible.

Username: Heneti
Species: Fox
Gender: Male, somewhat genderfluid
Role: Rocker-boy
Voice Actor: The Toothy One
Effeminate and sensual , Heneti is the sort of fox that likes the finer things in life. Talented, but also terrible with money, despite his success on stage as lead singer 'Luci Lovegrove' with the band FifthNightfall he's heavily in debt. As a result, he does running on the side to make sure he can pay his bills.

Username: Trigger
Species: Raccoon
Gender: Female
Role: Driver, rigger
Voice Actor: ShadowsMyst
A fiesty raccoon from the streets, Trigger once was a part of NetZero, and anticorp gang, but got tired of the internal politics and bloodshed that came with it as they became more and more extreme. She's always fidgetting with things in her hands, and has a somewhat nerve-wracking love for exposions of various sizes. She uses her talents primarily in running jobs that stick it to a corp in some way shape or form.

Username: Dex
Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Role: Big gun/Solo
Voice Actor: Havok
Gruff and large, the highly chromed lion has seen a lot of action in his days. Between the military, the police force, and Fang Sector, he's been through more than most and it shows. He's very pragmatic generally speaking and generally the most 'professional' of the team. He lost his position in Fang Sector after his last psych-eval after some additional upgrades came back as him presenting with borderline cyberpsychosis, despite having had therapy previously.

Username: Vigil
Species: Black Bear
Gender: Male
Role: Fixer
Voice Actor: Havok
Operating out of the Black Inferno, Virgil is a large bear with an equally large heart. VOG's friend and personal fixer of choice, he provides the team with the job that will take them into the heart of Vancoufur.


Name: Kincade McLaughlan - CEO Fang Sector
Species: Coyote
Gender: Male
Role: Fang Sec District Captain
Voice Actor: Carthage
 Kincaid is a very by-the-books, hardline, law fanatic. He has been on record multiple times stating his distaste for offenders, especially repeat offenders, and believes in the hard fist of the law. Most corporations tread lightly around him when speaking about their more controversial business practices, fortunately they are in control of the funds and, by proxy, the law. FangSec is one of the few corps who never hire runners, and Kincade has made is distaste for runners very clear, often vowing to persecute every one he could get his hands on.

Name: Kaitlyn Mowers
Species: Calico Cat
Gender: Female
Role: Reporter for Channel 40 News
Voice Actor: Snuffy
Kaitlyn is an ambitious young reporter working for Grin Media's Channel 40 news. She's looking for a big scoop that she can break and finally get a promotion to get out from behind a news desk and into the big leagues. She's discovered there is something fishing going on with Bast Arms, Avia Technologies and Fang Sector. To crack the story, she's hired some runners to help her get her story, and in the process discover something that threatens all of Neon City!

Name: Peter Branson
Species: Coyote
Gender: Male
Role: Fang Sec District Captain
Voice Actor: Jake
Promoted to District Captain through regular means, he didn't really want the position, but knew that if he didn't take it, someone who was more ambitious and less qualified would. He’s worked very hard to keep a balance between justice and pleasing the population, though it’s never easy and often goes sideways for him.

Name: Ramses Martin
Species: Ram
Gender: Male
Role: Fang Security Services District Manager for South-west Neon City
Basic Character Traits: Rutheless, snide, over-polite to upper management, extreme confidence and pride, Ramses is a ram to be very wary of. Ramses will do anything to get a promotion and is eyeing a regional management role in FangSec. He doesn't really care what he has to do to get it, he's determined to get that promotion.

Name: Dr. Simmons Pine
Species: Red Squirrel
Gender: Male
Role: Bast Arms, Researcher & Scientist
This jittery, dour and pessimistic squirrel once worked for Avia Technologies in their AI division before it was shut down. He was transfered, but unable to hack it in the new position. After he was fired, he was picked up by Bast Arms for a new project where he's been working ever since in their new "Smart-Security" division. He is currently the lead for the research part of the division. He is very self focused and kind of a jerk. Always has coffee on him.

Name: Matrices
Species: Canine
Gender: Female
Role: Fashion Designer
Voiced by herself
A Contact of VOG’s, she's often Contracted out by The Collection to design outfits for various events.  Primarily she works on commission projects for a variety of people, giving her many connections in both corps and offlines.
Matrices helps our team get into Vancoufur, providing them with some disguises that change how they look.

Name: Nitroshep
Species: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Role: Electrical Engineer for Avia Tech
Voiced by herself
He’s senior engineer over Avia Tech’s Haptic-touch division, and is at Vancoufur to show off the newest model of Hands and Arms with live-feeling feedback and quick-gesture commands. He often works on their own projects in their spare time. Participates in a lot of online communities about engineering and robotics.