Megacorporations of Neon City

Neon City is run by several megacorporations. Its good to know who they are, not only for who makes what, but also so you know who you are dealing with.

Fang Sector Security
"Sniffing out Crime"
Head: Kincaid McLaughlan - CEO, Wolf, 56 yo, Male

Specializes in Public and Private security for the betterment of Neon city. Fang Security is often criticized for their harsh punishments on crime, their strict adherence to laws, and abuse of power. They are, however, generally regarded as more fair and harsher on Corps than their predecessors, and the law-abiding public sees them as a necessary evil.

Avia Technologies
"Pushing Technology to New Heights"
Head: Elizabeth B. Schrute - CEO, Raven, 76 yo, Female.

Avia Technologies deals primarily with software development and tech innovation. Avia developed the first known AI subordinate in the form of Butler, the Avia Technologies official Sales-bot. It is rumored he is not really an AI and it was more of a marketing stunt to pull media focus from their rivals, The Turn Corporation. They often work with Dragotek Labs on making new bio-ware enhancements. Elizabeth has not appeared publicly in years, being replaced by Butler in all appearances. They are often criticized for their expensive technology and rough release issues, though they are applauded for many advancements and discoveries in the technological field. Butler is also seen as a sales tactic that’s gone on too long.They were rocked by scandal after the government cracked down on their AI research, which shut down their AI division and caused tremendous losses for the company that they still are struggling to recover.

Dragotek Laboratories
"Bringing everyone to the next stage of evolution"
Head: Crimson - CEO, Dragon, 85 yo, Male

Dragotek is best known for bio-Engineering, Drug testing and manufacturing, genetic testing. They are also known for their advancement and research into surgery techniques and genetic testing. Their drugs and procedures are often used by hospitals, most often for cosmetic surgeries, which they advertise hardcore. Though their drugs and other products are considered incredibly expensive, they’re also considered the highest quality. They have been criticized for their CEO’s views on genetic superiority and distaste for those with genetic abnormalities.

Turn Corporation
"Turning to Tomorrow to Help Today"
Head: Lattice Lupine - CEO, Jack Rabbit, 40 yo, Non-Binary

Turn Corp has a very positive reputation generally. They are applauded for providing cheaper and generally better fixes for Avia Technology’s products, as well as their extensive modding capabilities. They have been criticized for over-monitoring and privacy violations when handling the Net, but it seems only Runners have raised those concerns.The Turn Corporation is notorious for piggy-backing off of Avia Technologies products and development, providing quick updates, fixes, modifications, and improvements on the newly released products. Beyond modifications, the Turn Corporation is the biggest single networking company to handle the Net. Almost all Net communications are managed at some point by Turn technology. Lattice has not been seen in years, no public statement has been made.

Grin Media Conglomerate
"Media to Make You Smile"
Head: Amex Quinte - CEO Hyena, ?? yo, non-binary

Grin Media provides the most of the mainstream entertainment out there. They are also applauded for news stories about corruption, mistakes, and accidents regarding other Corporations. They are often criticized for sensationalizing news stories and twisting facts to suit their needs. Their advertisements are also criticized for saturating too much of every-day life.
Grin Media is the largest Entertainment company in the business, largely through acquisitions of other up-and-coming entertainment companies.  They control most of the news media, including Channel 40 outlets and media streams, which is where most people in Neon City get their news.

Bast Armaments
"If you want the best, go for Bast."
Head: Broker “Broke” Ahkani; Leopard, 45, F CEO

Bast Arms is well reputed, thanks to their aggressive patriotic marketing tactics, leveraging their deals with security companies such as Fang Sec, as well as providing home surveillance and defenses. While not out-dated, Bast armaments prefer to be more mechanical than digital, which makes them the most difficult to hack or disable remotely. Nearly all of Fang Sector's equipment comes from Bast Arms. They are pretty much the biggest and and main source of weapons, armor, and other combat equipment around.

Atom Manufacturing
"The creator of all you hold."
Head: Leslie Yesser, Lion, NB, 45yo

Atom Manufacturing handles many many items, and you get what you pay for, and corps like to skimp a little where they can. They are known to contract out some cheaper jobs to off-shore plants.
Atom Manufacturing is responsible for creating 80% of commercially available products, either directly or indirectly. Atom Manufacturing does not have a hand with raw materials in the construction industry (Lumber, steel, stone, etc.), but they’re hungry to get into that market.

"We make things work."
Head: Richard Malone, gray-striped feline, male, 78yo

Runs an Oligopoly with Neon City Utilities. Their prices are competitive if you consider a Snail race competitive. They run all of the infrastructure of Neon City together. If you have a problem with how things run, you'll need to deal with them.

Neon City Betterment Association
Parent Corp: All major corps have a stake in this association and they are not controlled by one single entity. They are responsible for putting on the Vancoufur Event every year.
Head: Representatives from various corps, as well as some “Independent” business officials.

The Peacekeepers Organization was founded after the 2011 culture war, where High ranking corporations, runners, and middlemen fought for control of Neon City. The organization was intended to keep the peace by using corporate funds to put on public events, provide public services, and donate to up-and-coming businesses so they may be bought out by corps one day. While heavily criticized, the Peacekeepers Organization has followed through on many of its promises and is generally liked by the population. Their whole purpose is to help the middle and poorer classes. However their tactics have been criticized, and the population appears wary of trusting them too much.