Jib Codi

"Hi! Hihihihi!!! I'm Jib! A greenish fox-husky thing from a small town not far from Vancouver, BC."

Jib Kodi joined the fandom in March 2017 and fell in love with the community ever since! He studied film & animation, and is currently working for a studio down in the USA. Story telling is Jib's main focus and it's his passion. As long as the story telling medium involves some sort of visuals - whether that means drawing pictures, making comics, animating or shooting live action vids - he's all in! Jib loves some good ol' mountains for snowboarding even tho he kinda sucks, and some piping hot pizza straight out of the oven. And yes... chances are... they have pineapples on 'em.

You can check out his Twitter @Jibkodi orĀ Jib Kodi on YouTube for animation shorts.