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2nd Overflow Hotel Location & Information

Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

7551 Westminster Highway
Richmond, British Columbia
V6X 1A3


Book a room HERE.

Room Rates

Room Type Single Double Triple Quad
2x Queen Bed $155 $155 $155 $155
  • Prices do not include taxes and fees.
  • Guests must call the front desk and quote group code 'VC04AAA' or use booking link above to reserve a room under this rate.

Overflow Hotel Location & Information

Ramada Limited Vancouver Airport

7188 Westminster Highway,
Richmond, British Columbia
V6X 1A1


Room Rates

Room Type Single Double Triple Quad
2x Double Bed $114 $114 $124 $134
1x King Bed $114 $114 $124 $134
  • Prices do not include taxes .
  • Guests must call the front desk and quote group code 'VANCOUFUR' to reserve a room under this rate.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast for registered guests from 6:30am to 10:00am.
  • Limited parking available for registered guests.

Vancoufur Hotel Location & Information


The event is once again being held at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel Richmond

7311 Westminster Hwy,
Richmond, BC
V6X 1A3


VancouFur's Hotel is no longer accepting new bookings for our 2018 year! See above for Overflow hotel information including how to book your room. Be sure to read all the notices/instructions and then book your room early to get the room type you want. Apartments are OPEN TO ALL this year without a specific form. You still cannot host parties in any rooms but the Party Block rooms!

Pet Friendly Hotel: Our hotel has limited pet friendly rooms. You need to specificaly request these when you book your room. Expect a non-refundable $25/day cleaning fee during your stay as well as an extra refundable damage deposit.
Please note that some of our convention space may not be safe for pets. More information on this will be forthcoming.

REMINDER: Hotel and convention staff reserve the right to remove ANY signage, anywhere, including door signs, that they deem inappropriate. So keep your signs PG and use the correct tape (from ops) to put them up! (Parties/conventions/vendors/etc may be advertised at our Info Desk!)

2018 NOTICE: We've managed to have the hotel waive the in-advance deposit announced previously! You may cancel your room, with no cancelation fee, with at least 24 hours notice prior to your check-in time.

Don't have a Credit Card? Please read "Checking in At-con" section at the bottom of the page.

Room Rates

Room Type Single Double Quad
Plaza Deluxe
1x King/Queen Bed
$129 $129 $129
Plaza Deluxe
2x DBL Bed
$129 $129 $129
Standard Courtyard JR. Suite
2x DBL + Sofa Bed
$139 $139 $139
Standard Courtyard JR. Suite
1x Queen + Sofa Bed
$139 $139 $139
Standard Courtyard
2x DBL Bed
$129 $129 $129
Standard Courtyard
1x Queen Bed
$129 $129 $129
Apartment 1 Bedroom
Queen + Sofa Bed
$169 $169 $169
Apartment 2 Bedroom
1 Queen & 1 Single/DBL Bed + Sofa Bed
$199 $199 $199
Apartment 3 Bedroom
1 Queen & 1 DBL & 1 Single + Sofa Bed
$229 $229 $229
Penthouse Suite
1 Queen + Sofa Bed
$189 $189 $189
Coming Soon!
Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon

  • Pet Firendly Rooms are available upon request and will have an additional deposit required as well as a $25/day cleaning fee.
  • ALL rooms have a fridge and window(s) but only some apartments have a balcony
  • Jr. Suites have a microwave and extra sink.
  • Apartments have a full kitchen, dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge and in-room laundry.
  • Penthouses have a Jacuzzi bathtub and all the Apartment Luxuries listed above. They don't however, have a door on the main bedroom but it is on its own floor, away from the living space.
  • Free High Speed internet/WIFI and free airport transfer via Shuttle
  • Parking is free for 1 vehicle per room. All other vehicles (room or not) are $8 a day, $15 if staying overnight.
  • Rooms rates do not include taxes (approx 16.5%) or other fees.
  • We, the convention, cannot guarantee your room layout. If you have questions about your room type/layout, please contact the hotel.

How to Book

Book By Phone:
Phone number: 604-278-5555 or Toll free at 1-800-663-2878
Group code: VancouFur2018
Contact Laura from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday. If she is not available please leave a message and try again later.
Be sure to write down your confirmation or ask for an email confirmation to be sent to you.

Note: the main hotel block is full, but attendees wanting to book a room in the main hotel can phone in and be placed on a wait-list.

Hotel Rules

  • Please refrain from talking/screaming or making noise in the hallways.
  • Please keep your doors closed at all times and pad your door latch if you intend to prop the door open (socks work well) (this is to avoid noise pollution getting to other parts of the hotel and prevent you from getting noise complaints from other floors!)
  • ALL PERSONS CONSUMING ALCOHOL MUST be 19 years of age or older and proof must be shown that rooms are checking if they are dispensing alcohol! (Wristbands, ID check, etc.)
  • Please remember that SMOKING AND VAPING are not allowed inside your hotel rooms, on your balcony (if you have one) or on hotel property. There are designated smoking areas, outside and if you do not adhere to them, heavy fines will be assigned to offending rooms. We are told that hotel security will be checking. You have been warned!
  • Your room is exclusively YOUR responsibility for the duration of your stay and you will be held responsible for the things that happen in it. If there is something missing or broken in your room upon arrival CONTACT THE FRONT DESK IMMEDIATELY TO INFORM THEM.
  • Please party responsibly.
  • If you do not book a party room, it is likely that any audible rooms/parties will be shut down. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Checking In At-Con

Credit card is the preferred method for hotel booking and you will be asked to put one on file when you initially book your reservation. If the first guest arrives to check-in at the hotel and is not the card holder but their name is on the reservation, they will have to check-in with their credit card.

All rooms will have the total amount of the stay put as a HOLD on the on-file credit card upon check-in. (YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE ENOUGH SPACE ON THE CARD FOR THE HOLD OR IT WILL NOT WORK!)

Final bills can be split however you wish at check out. At that time, the unused balance of the credit card hold will be released, and the deposit will be refunded (if applicable).

Cash/Interact only customers without a credit card will be required to put down their entire stay, plus a $100/night deposit by cash or interac. (Yes, this is more then the Credit Card deposit.)

Party Block

Please remember that there are NO PARTIES allowed in non-party block rooms due in part to there being residents who live in the hotel.

Please note that the Party Block is in the Courtyard section; Room types and rates coming soon.

Party Block information including application form can be found here.