Our Community Spotlight for Vancoufur 2020 is NitroShep!

Nitro is a fursuiter hailing from Langley, BC who has been in the furry fandom since early 2007. You may have seen him on Youtube riding a dirt bike wearing his first German Shepherd fursuit. Before discovering the fandom, he often travelled around BC competing in the sport of motocross racing. When not dogging around in suit, you can find him crafting new gadgets and tinkering with existing ones. Working as a master electrician for the past 20 years, he’s always wanted to mix his love for suiting and passion for electronics into one!

His most popular contraptions are the fursuit head dryers and cooling fans which have been used at Vancoufur from the beginning. He’s been very involved with the community over the years as well; entertaining in fursuit at multiple charity events and staffing local furry conventions.

You can check out his twitter here.