VF2021 Virtual Dance Competition

VF2021 EvfurQuest BETA Virtual Dance Competition Submissions

Welcome to the VF2021 EvfurQuest Beta Video Dance competition submissions! Obviously because we can’t get together, we’ll be accepting pre-recorded videos of you busting your best moves in fursuit from furs who wish to participate. Anyone from anywhere around the world is eligible as long as you are registered for the virtual event, and can submit a video and music!

To participate you will need to submit a video of yourself dancing in your fursuit.

A “fursuit” Can consist of:
– A full body fursuit
– A partial fursuit (Head, Paws, tail)
– Head or mask only

You may dance by yourself, or with a friend/family/Significant other. We are only accepting solo, or pair acts at this time.

You will need to record yourself dancing to your chosen music and then upload it to a file sharing service such as Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox, etc, and supply a link to your video file to submit your entry.

Videos must be filmed in LANDSCAPE orientation . Files should be an MP4, at 1080p, and between 90 seconds to a max of 120 seconds. Anything longer will be cut. Poor quality video may be rejected if it is unusable.

Please also submit a link to the music file you danced to in your video. Music should be an CD quality MP3 (320KB/s) if possible. Otherwise, provide a link to the original source if it was from youtube or a streaming service.

Entries will be edited together and streamed during the virtual convention on our various channels. Deadline has been extended until March 3. If you have questions, email events@vancoufur.org or join our discord and chat with our volunteers!

Ready to submit your entry?

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