Submit a Panel

Thank you for your interest in hosting a panel at Vancoufur 2021’s Evfurquest “Beta” Virtual Convention!

Are you a writer? An artist? Fursuit maker? Fursuit Performer? Or maybe you just want to share your passions with like minded individuals? Or maybe you want to arrange a social to connect with new people? General or 18+, we’re looking for panels of all sorts!

Panels are the perfect place to hold meetups, share skills, connect with furs with mutual interests! Topics of Panels, Workshops, or socials most often relate to furry fandom, but we also are open to general interest and creative topics! Fursuits, gaming, music, writing, art, social meetups, 18+ interests, we are open to all topics. Tutorials, demos, and socials are particularly popular.

Because we are virtual this year, we have a few ways that people can deliver their panels. Specify your delivery preference in your panel description.

  • Streaming video, live via discord (this is our current preference)
  • In VRchat (particularly useful for socials)
  • By prerecorded presentation. However presenters must be available during their block to interact with chat and answer questions. (Please contact if you plan this one to arrange for video pickup)

Panels are typically anywhere from 1–2 hours long, with special timing requiring discussion. All we’re really asking, first and foremost, is your flexibility with scheduling. Panel submission deadline is Feb 15th, 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So this event is digital?

Yes! We’ll be working off a few platforms, including Discord, VRchat, and streaming out to services like twitch. If you are planning on submitting a panel, you will likely want to take advantage of these platforms. We currently prefer live streaming panels through discord, which we will then broadcast to streaming services. However, we are also looking for VRchat content, and we will even accept prerecorded presentations/panels, provided the panelist can be available at the time to answer questions and interact via chat. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to join our discord or email

Q: What do I need to run a digital panel?

It very much depends on the type of panel you are running, and how and what platform you will be presenting on. You will need at least a computer with enough power to run discord.

  • If you choose a live streaming panel through discord, you will need to set up a webcam and microphone, or be able to  screenshare and have a microphone (depending on your panel type), and have an internet connection robust enough to support streaming video and audio. Most broadband connections will be able to do this. This is our preferred panel format. People enjoy interacting with panelists in real time!
  • For VRChat, you will need to install VRchat and be able to run VRchat, and coordinate with our event manager and VRchat team depending on your needs. Because VRchat runs on a desktop, a VR head and handset is not required (To run or participate in content). But you will need a mic and headset to hear and speak. 
  • For a prerecorded presentation, you will need to record a video in LANDSCAPE orientation, at 1080p with good audio. This will mean you will need a capture device that is likely somewhat more robust than a smartphone such as an HD video/web camera or digital SLR with video capture. An hour long presentation is pretty large file size so you will need to have enough memory to store it, and software to edit it if needed. You will need to be able to upload an MP4 file to a filesharing service that you can send us a link to. You will then be expected to be available during your time slot to actively engage via discord and twitch chat to the people viewing your presentation.

Q. Can I host panels by myself?

Yes you can, though we generally recommend that you have a cohost at the very least to help you moderate chat and get questions and such from the audience when you are giving your panel. If you need someone but don’t have someone, email us and we can try to help find you a volunteer moderator if you need it.

Q. What if I have questions? Who do I contact?

You can join the VF Public Discord server and ask directly, or you can email for more information.