Escape Room

Vancoufur, in partnership with Clued In Gaming, is pleased to Bring you an exciting and new Escape Room Event!

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape room (Also known as an Escape Game), is a game which a team of people cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish a set of tasks in one or more rooms in order to achieve a goal in a certain period of time, generally the goal is to escape the room.

If you have never done an escape room before they are a highly popular form of entertainment and Clued In Gaming has created a custom themed experience for our attendees this year to immerse you into the fantasy world of Evfurquest! Take on the challenge with your friends and see if you can beat the clock and escape the room, and complete the quest.

How do you play?

Take your ticket to the Clued In Gaming table to redeem and schedule your game. At the time of your play through, show up and there will be an orientation on the rules and goals of the scenario. After this, the clock will be started and you will begin to play the game. Players explore, find clues and solve puzzles to achieve the tasks required to win the game. You will have 30 mins to complete the game.

Who is this suitable for?

This Escape room is suitable for adults and children 10 and up, and all participants require a ticket to play. ( this includes parents if you want to go with your kids). Each team can have up to 6 members. Put your team together and take the challenge as a group, or show up as a singleton and meet new friends as you take the challenge! Just make sure you each get your tickets before they are sold out!

How long does it take?

The escape room will take 30 mins to complete. This includes an orientation as well as the game play. At con, after you’ve gotten your registration and picked up your pre-purchased ticket, you will take it to the Clued In Gaming table and redeem it there for your chance to play. Be sure to redeem it early as you can as it is first come first served for scheduling your game.

How much does it cost?

Due to the limited number of spots you must have a ticket to play. You can purchase a ticket for $15 and add it to your membership while the are available through the registration kiosk OR upgrade your membership to a Sponsor or Patron and get a ticket to the escape room included for free with your membership. (along with all sorts of other goodies!)

How do I buy a ticket?

You must register to be able to buy a ticket. Go to our registration kiosk and login or sign up. You can purchase a ticket even if you have already paid for your registration. Login and follow the prompts until you get to the screen where you can add items to your cart and add an Escape Room ticket. Check out and pay. Your ticket(s) will be available for you when you pick up your badge. If you wish to upgrade your membership, login, and select either a sponsor or patron membership and enjoy a complimentary ticket along with all the other bonuses for supporting our convention! Then check out and pay and you are done! Your escape ticket will be included with the rest of your swag at reg pickup.

Please note: There are no refunds on unused escape room tickets. Be sure to go as soon as you can to redeem your ticket at con at the Clued in Gaming table, so you and your friends can be scheduled in for your Escape Room Experience as there are limited game slots per day. It is the purchasers responsibility to redeem their tickets in a timely manner.

Questions about the Escape room specifics? Check out Clued In Gaming’s websiteTwitterFacebook or email them for more information about the Escape room.