Covid-19 2023

We are pleased to confirm that Vancoufur will be having a physical event for 2023. We are, of course, concerned about attendee health and safety, particularly as Covid-19 is still circulating.

It is important when you are considering attending Vancoufur that you assume that Covid-19 positive individuals may be present. It has been documented clearly that the disease does spread in events like conventions, so when you are choosing to come, assume that there is significant risk you will be exposed. Unvaccinated individuals and individuals that are immunocompromised are most at risk.

Currently we are monitoring the safety requirements set forth by the provincial government. We anticipate requiring masks in convention spaces, particularly in crowded areas such as the Dealer’s Den, main theatre, and panel rooms. 

We will update vaccination requirements as we get closer to the event, but due to the risk posed by events such as ours, they are highly recommended.

We invite those uncomfortable with the risk of attending a physical event at this time to participate in the digital side of the convention via VRchat, Minecraft, Twitch and on our Discord server.

This information will be updated as necessary, the Covid-19 landscape is constantly changing.

If you feel ill at all please STAY HOME. If you need to talk to us about your registration, preorders, etc, email us at