Community Spotlight – Temrin

We are excited to have Temrin as our Community Spotlight for 2023!

Temrin is a nonbinary (they/them) freelance illustrator from Canada specializing in fantasy and anthropomorphic subject matter. They are passionate about character illustration and bringing folks’ unique creations and worlds to life. They most enjoy delving into the character with the client, their passions and story, and have the most fun bringing the bits and pieces together into a final design.

Temrin operates WildElement Studios, which on top of being a home for their own artwork, has a focus on community projects that feature other creators, like zines, art prompts, and events, which may have their own staff. If you like art, collaborations, behind the scenes info and interviews with awesome artists, you should check out Canvas Swap Zine at – 2022’s themes were Magic, and Tabletop Adventures. WildElements Studios also offers small business services such as website design, branding and logos, social media/marketing, and more.

Temrin streams live art streams on Picarto, Twitch, Tigerdile, and Piczel regularly, so be sure to follow them to enjoy watching them create art and engage in chill conversations.

Temrin is currently chairperson of CozyCon Online and have a long history of staffing other events in the past, including VancouFur, Howloween, and Tigerdile’s Homecon. They have also contributed artwork to various events like Vanhoover, Camp Feral, Further Confusion, Furnal Equinox, BronyCan, etc. Temrin has a passion for giving back to the community that helped them growing up. Volunteering has given them an opportunity to engage in building a community with others and exercising skills such as project management and documentation. Those who’ve had the opportunity to work with Temrin know they are a skilled and dedicated volunteer who brings their all to make community events thrive.