Charity Auction

The Vancoufur Charity auction is one of the Highlights of our convention where we auction off donated goods, such as art, commissions, collectables, fursuit parts, crafts and more! One never knows what sort of wonders our Auction will hold!

But we need your help in the form of donations to make sure that our auction is a success! No donation is too small or too big!

Donations can include (but are not limited to!):

  • Handmade goods or crafts
  • Art or Commission Slots
  • Gently used Furry items & Collectibles (books, comics, figurines, key chains, stickers, coloring books, etc)
  • Plushies (in good condition, new, or handmade)
  • Fursuit parts & Commissions
  • Sculptures & 3d printed items
  • Themed Baskets or collections of goods
  • Gift cards for your furry owned business (if you have one)

Anything is game really! If you have questions about if your donation would be appropriate, please email for more information and discussion about your donation.

We do not require you to attend the convention to donate! You can ship your donation to us, just again, email to arrange shipping with us.

Money raised from the Charity Auction will go to our charity this year!