Artist Alley Applications open Sept 21!

If you are an artist or creator who has been waiting eagerly to get more information about our Artist Alley for 2020, we've got good news! We will be opening up our Artist Alley reservations on Sept 21st at 1pm PDT.

Our artist alley is a little different than some others, here's some important things to know:

  • Artist Alley is open Fri/Sat/Sun. Thursday night we have a first come first serve, at con event called the Night Market. If you are interested, the info is here.
  • Artist Alley applicants may reserve up to 2 days. If they wish to have a third day, they will have to apply at con after 11am on the day they want.
  • The Artist Alley reservations are first come, first served. Meaning that it is determined by the order of signup vs availability of requested days. After reservations close, the Artist Alley is first come, first served at con if tables are available. To reserve at con, visit the AA sign in table starting at 10:30am and spots will be sold as available.
  • Artist Alley ALL displays are limited to 2ft high (24" or 2 wire cubes). Signs may be attached to the tables or in areas where its available, put on the wall with special tape available from the AA signup table.
  • Artist Alley tables may only be used sell physical items that the artist or creator themselves has created, no third party sales. Secondly AA tables are not to be used for purely advertising or Demo purposes. If you have something you would like to promote or demo at our convention, please check out our very affordable conbook advertising or contact us via email or social media for information of how we can help you.
  • All applicants must be REGISTERED for the convention before applying for AA. You do not need to pay until you are notified if you have a table, but you will need to have registered. For your best chance at getting a spot, please register here before Sept 21.

Table Pricing and Dimensions

  • Full table - 6'x2' $40CAD/Day

  • Half table - 6'x2'' $20CAD/Day

Please note the price of a table does not include your convention registration.

There is a lot more you may want to know about Artist Alley before you sign up on Sept 21st, we recommend you read the Artist Alley page in its entirety, including the FAQ to be sure you are well informed before the form opens. We expect there to be a high demand, so being prepared is the best way to make sure you get a spot.

Follow our social media (twitter/instagram/facebook) or join our convention discord or telegram channel for real time updates, keep up on news, or to ask us direct questions.