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Guests of Honour

Jai the jackodile and Dervacor the blue dragon

Jai the jackodile

Jai is a wandering Jackodile driven by creativity and passion. She originates in Texas, but has lived in California for 5.5 years and in Vancouver for 2. Jai is a long time furry, participating in the fandom for 16 years. Early years were through internet message boards and art sites until attending her first convention: FurFright in 2009. Since then she has attended several conventions including Vancoufur and has been an active and vibrant member of the community.

Jai is also a game developer and professional illustrator with a BFA from the Academy of Art. Her first launched game project was Zoo-F-O. Currently she is working full time on Bindstone as the sole artist and creative director alongside her partner, Dervacor.

In 2015 Jai redesigned her fursona and created the Jackodile, a mix of her two favorite species: a black back jackal and a crocodile. Notably she debuted her MoreFurLess suit several months ago and has shared her antics with the community on twitter ever since.

Fursuit pictures, game progress, and more can be followed on twitter at:

A recent art demo of Bindstone is visible here:

Dervacor the blue dragon

Art by Toulouse

Dervacor is an adventurous blue dragon powered by curiosity and knowledge. He originates in Saskatchewan, but has lived in California for 4 years and also in Vancouver for 4. Dervacor is a long time furry, participating in the fandom for 18 years. After many years of online participation on art sites his first convention was Conifur in 2006. Since then he has attended several conventions including Vancoufur and has been a constant and enthusiastic member of the community.

Dervacor is a long time game developer with several professional shipped titles under his belt including Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Dragon Age 2, more recent experience has been in mobile with several iPhone and Android titles shipped, the most recent being Taste Buds. His passion is the indie game, Bindstone, which he works on alongside his love, Jai, as the sole programmer and game designer.

Bindstone is scheduled for release in late 2018, articles and details are available by following along at updates can be found on twitter at: